Why Tulsyan?

At Tulsyan steel, we believe that only real steel can live up to the biggest test – Trust. That’s why our products have been tested a million times, and are trusted by many. You may have an increased awareness of Tulsyan’s presence than you think you do. Be it the flyover you take every day to work, the biggest hospital in your neighbourhood or the largest IT establishment in your city, Tulsyan steel is a part of your everyday life.

We believe that the importance we give to quality is what sets us apart from our competitors. We believe in the quality of steel that can stand the test of time. The quality of our steel conforms to the IS 1786 standard. Due to the superior TMT process that we follow, Tulsyan steel is high in yield strength, tensile strength and elongation.

Tulsyan steel is tested and trusted for three important properties:

  • Weldability

For the success of a construction project, weldability of steel is instrumental. Different welding processes are leveraged at construction sites to produce appropriate results. Tulsyan’s TMT bars contain low carbon and high manganese which leads to easy weldability. This makes it easier for the operation team involved with large scale construction projects to fabricate highly durable industrial components.

  • Bendability

We believe that steel is only as rigid as your imagination. It can flow, dance and bend rules while maintaining all its strength and integrity.
The TMT bars used in the construction of buildings require enough strength to withstand the actual load of the structure and in some unfortunate cases, natural disasters. Tulsyan’s TMT bars are known for its flexural properties. The bendability of TMT bars is high, which makes the steel very ductile, enabling the steel to suit the building design.

  • Bonding

The special design of Tulsyan’s TMT bars provides excellent bonding between the bar and concrete for superior life. Grounding of indoor and outdoor structures, concrete construction, steel enclosures, etc. are some areas that require greater bonding to steel. The superior bonding strength of our TMT bars set us apart from others.

  • Corrosion, Earthquake and Fire Resistance

At Tulsyan, we are constantly working towards manufacturing high-quality products that adhere to safety standards. The TMT bars are made with all the important safety concerns in mind. Tulsyan was the first to introduce Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS). This steel was designed to be well suited for coastal areas. The steel bars are earthquake resistant and suitable for use in seismic zones 4 and 5. They are also fire resistant as the composite structure enables the steel to withstand high temperatures.

Advantage of Blooms over Billets

Additionally, Tulsyan is one of only a handful of large steel mills in India that have the capability to manufacture and use Blooms in the rolling process. The per meter weight of a Billet tends to be anywhere from 45 kg/meter to 130 kg/meter, whereas for Blooms the per meter weight is between 175 kg/meter to 490 kg/meter. The greater the weight of the raw material used, the more consistent the final product!

Quality Assurance

When we say that our steel is tested, we mean it is tested by some of the best laboratories in India. Stringent tests are conducted at different stages of the production process. Samples are tested every hour with a 100 MT UTM machine and at our Spectro Lab. With Tulsyan, you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality, as every TMT rebar lives up to ISO standards and carries a BIS Test certificate. The company has always strived to provide quality standards that can compete with the best in the world.

We have been a trusted supplier since 1947 and have supplied our products to some of India’s largest projects over the years. Honouring our commitment to excellence, we constantly strive to upgrade our facilities to manufacture the highest quality TMT bars.

Samples are drawn and tested for specific weight and mechanical properties every hour by a 100 MT UTM machine and chemical properties at the Spectro Lab. The true test of quality is highlighted by Tulsyan’s ISI Certification (IS 1786) – an acknowledgement of its high-quality standards. Tulsyan bars are accepted internationally as we adhere to various International Standards i.e., BS 4449/ASTM A GR 60 etc.