Quality That Stands Apart

The quality of steel can make all the difference between a construction that will last and one that cannot stand the test of time. That's exactly why Tulsyan Steel stands apart from the rest.

Bendability, Weldability and Bonding
The bars contain low carbon and high manganese, this ensures easy Weldability. The Bendability is also high as it make the steel very ductile. The special design of the bars provide excellent bonding between the bar and concrete for superior life.

Corrosion, Earthquake and Fire Resistance
Due to the special Quenching process Tulsyan TMT Bars are highly corrosion resistant and suited for coastal areas. High ductility and elongation make these bars earthquake resistant and suitable for use in seismic zones 4 and 5. Due to its composite structure it resists huge load and can also withstand high temperature ensuring safety.

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