Weld Mesh

Weld Mesh

Towards Efficient Construction Process.

Tulsyan Steel brings another pioneering idea, the Welded Wire Mesh. The product aims to expedite all construction processes. The Weld Mesh is strong, long lasting, and rust-resistant and the product consists of rebars (the size and sections can be customized according to the end users’ requirement) that are welded together to form a grid-like pattern. We offer cold rolled wire mesh from 4.7mm to 12mm, and hot rolled wire mesh from 5.5mm to 16mm. Our weld mesh has a maximum width of 3 meters and maximum length of 8 meters.

As mentioned earlier, the aim is to make the construction process more efficient and effective. The Weld Mesh reduces the construction time as it eliminates activities like cutting, marking, and spacing of bars. A revolutionary solution for the industry to evolve.

Few advantages are:

  • Instant and optimized savings in costs, manual labor, and time.
  • Reduction in scrap.
  • Odd sections can be provided as per requirement, so there will be steel saving
  • Thinner steel can provide greater strength due to welding
  • Better precision with less manpower.
  • Better output
  • Stronger bonding involving the rebar, due to welding.

The Weld Mesh has a wide array of implementations, such as:

  • Weld Mesh is used in a variety of construction purposes from paving roads and highways, to building concrete floors.
  • There are wire meshes that can be used for construction purposes, that do not succumb to damage due to dust, corrosion or other forces of nature.
  • The product is ideal for new high-rise building materials.
  • The material is versatile and practical to transport.

Additional implementations with respect to the materials are:

  • Concrete floors
  • Retaining walls, field, and road foundations
  • Canals and swimming pools
  • Prefabricated construction elements, such as stirrups in columns and beams

Galvanized mesh is known for its great durability, strength and corrosion resistance. Since its customized for the end user, the possibilities for use are endless, but a few examples of various verticals that can benefit are – construction, industrial, transportation, food procuring sectors, etc.