Wire Rod

Wire Rod

Wire Rods That Are Of Superior Quality & Excellent Precision

The latest technological advancements that have been implemented ensure unparalleled dimensional accuracy, providing consistency of mechanical properties within a coil. The Wire Rod Mill is equipped with Latest Wire Rod Block Technology from Sweden, Automatic Coil Compactor, and the ability to handle coil weights is ranging from 600KG to 1200KG.

Tulsyan Wire Rods come with a promise of Coil Reforming Technology, that ensures the coils are shipped with adequate care and reach our patrons with excellent stability. We always try to improve and innovate to produce the best of the best!

Tulsyan possesses the latest technology that ensures the wire rods are manufactured in an apt and efficient manner – that builds the nation. Better Strength along with Better Quality is the aim. With a wide range of applications, the Wire Rod is said to assist any industry:

They are produced as per BIS, ISO and ISI standards.