4 Ways to Make Your Factory Greener

4 Ways to Make Your Factory Greener

Four ways to make your factory greener

Environmentalism is a manner of life, but it affects all parts of our lives. We cannot ask people to make major changes and overlook the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing remains a foundation of the economy, a major user of resources, and a large producer of waste. Fortunately, there are already solutions to decrease the environmental impact of factories without shutting them down. Below are four ways to make your factory greener.

Start Collecting Metrics

There’s an old saying that what gets measured gets managed. Your business won’t know what areas to target for development. This requires collecting far more facts than how much electricity you’re paying for. Exactly how much energy is being utilized on every single assembly line or in each sector of the warehouse? Find those processes and pieces of equipment that are consuming the most energy, so you know where to focus on conservation. The next step is an energy audit to classify the best places to start.

Determine Where Upgrades Are in Order

There are equipment that we know pull a lot of energy like boilers, heaters, motors, air compressors, and chillers. These technologies have been growing for some time, and advancements in energy efficiency allow new models to get by with a portion of the power of previous versions.

Though you can invest in insulation and motor control systems, perhaps the best solution is getting new equipment. New equipment may use resources better and have higher throughput as well.

In other cases, installing thermostats and lighting controls permits you to use equipment you previously have but lowers their energy requirements. This should be done on top of the regular advice of replacing old fashioned light bulbs with LED lights.

Start Using Recycled Materials

Even though you may be recycling as much waste as possible, you can take it more by buying recycled materials for use in your operations. Don’t assume that recycled materials will damage the quality of your end product. This is hardly the case anymore. Recycled metal, for instance, is as good as the raw material.

Discover if you can use recycled paper in your packaging, assisting close the recycling loop. Likewise, look for ways to use rejected materials in your own facility. You save money on transport costs and resource usage if you can clean and redesign materials on site instead of sending it off to a recycling centre. If recycled things aren’t an option, look for ways to use eco-friendly materials instead.

Use Renewable Energy

Factories utilize a lot of power. Reducing energy usage drops that total draw, but you still need electricity to operate the factory. You can make the factory greener by selecting to use renewable energy instead of just drawing power from the grid. It’s not necessary to install solar panels on the roof. Simply work with an energy provider who utilizes green energy instead of fossil fuels.


Going green has been a much desired change for years. It’s in turn becoming a necessity for manufacturers if they want to stay in business. We have followed the abovemethods and we’vealso outlineda few tips to reduce your environmental impact and even save money.

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